The CrossFit Sumter Story

Our founders

Zach & Renee Thompson

The gym is under new ownership! We are incredibly honored and grateful to be on this adventure with you all. One of our primary values is family. While the challenge and constant growth of Crossfit appeals to us, we are drawn to the sense of community and family. We have 3 boys (Wyatt, Carter, and Eli) who are constantly around fitness. You may have even seen them at the gym. We hope to instill in them a love for movement and experience the mental benefits of exercise. Below is a little about each of us. Please, reach out or chat with us in the gym to get to know our family and us better!
Zach is a lifelong athlete, CrossFit Coach, Air Force Reservist in the 610th Command and Control Squadron at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, and stay-at-home dad. His dream has always been to own a gym and help others in their fitness journey. He switched from Powerlifting to CrossFit, competing for his first time with the CrossFit Sumter community this year!
Renee is an Active Duty Psychologist in the 25th Attack Group at Shaw Air Force Base. She observes the power fitness has on military members, veterans, and civilians everyday. She is specializing in Operational Psychology, coaching individuals and organizations to build mental toughness and sustain peak performance at work and home.
We are both board members for VetWOD, a non-profit organization supporting fitness as an outlet for veterans, military, and first responders with PTSD and at risk for suicide. We are passionate about the CrossFit world and are excited for our family to help the CrossFit Sumter family grow!

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